Geomag/Supermag galleries #

The best building galleries I've found are Jan & Jane's gallery. The navigation is a bit confusing. I went through several times, each time thinking I had explored it all, and found more. Also check out crazy things you can do with magnets.

Geomag vs. Supermag #

What I've learned so far:

  • The supermag long rods are about 0.5mm shorter than the geomag rods.
  • The supermag rods are slightly narrower than the geomag rods.
  • Due to the tapered ends, you have more flexibility in building things with supermags.
  • However, due to the tapered ends, you can't build columns by placing rods end-to-end (they fall apart easily).
  • The supermag long rods are slightly weaker than the geomag rods.


The evolution of alphabets #

The evolution of alphabets page has some nifty animations. I couldn't see the Arabic or Aramaic connections, but Cuneiform, Phoenician, Greek, and Latin are more clear.