Heroes Season 2: Evil and dumb #

It seems that many of the main characters in Heroes, Season 2, are becoming either evil or dumb, and they're coming in pairs. Last season Jessica was evil and Niki as dumb. Let's go through the list for season 2:

  • Kensei is becoming evil, and Hiro is becoming dumb.
  • Nathan might be evil, and Matt is dumb.
  • West seems to be somewhat evil (and somewhat dumb), and Claire is really dumb.
  • Noah has returned to evil, and The Haitian I'm not sure about.
  • Elle is evil, but has no dumb counterpart (yet); maybe she'll pair up with Peter, who's not really dumb, but has lost his memory.
  • Maya is turning to evil, and Alejandro I'm not sure about. Or maybe Sylar is the evil one and Maya is dumb.
  • Niki/Jessica has turned into evil Jessica, and she's working with Mohinder, who's dumb.

What if Niki/Jessica was the first to experience some sort of evil/dumb pair virus that will spread throughout the hero community? I know, it's a ridiculous theory. I can't even fit Angela, Molly, Micah, Monica, or the mysterious Adam into this list. But every time I see one of the above characters it does seem to me that they're getting more evil or more dumb.

I'm also starting to think Bob may be the only good hero. But then, I'm probably the only one who thought Linderman was good. He was the one who wanted to save the world (from losing 93% of the population) by setting off a small bomb (losing 0.07% of the population). Evil means but a good end. Except he's dead now, the bomb didn't go off, and now the world is in trouble.