Firefox 89 tab appearance #

Firefox 89 has a new appearance, removing features (ugh) and annoying some people while delighting others. It can be disabled by setting browser.proton.enabled to false:

Firefox 89 with Proton disabled
Firefox 89 with Proton disabled

I mostly like the new design though, but I strongly dislike some elements, especially the tabs:

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Automatically generate IDs for emacs org-mode headings #

I write some of my web pages with emacs org-mode, and then export to html. Like markdown, org-mode is a convenient format to write a simple subset of html.

Each heading in the document will get exported with an ID so that it can be linked to from the table of contents. The default IDs look like #org3091de9. I usually replace these with a custom id that matches the section heading, so a heading Bounding box will get an id #bounding-box.


OpenTTD on Windows 10 + Steam #

Transport Tycoon / OpenTTD is my favorite game of all time, and I wanted to play it on Steam. I kept getting "file not writable" error. I tracked it down to the Windows security system blocking it. To unblock:

  1. Start →
  2. Settings →
  3. Update & Security →
  4. Windows security →
  5. Open Windows Security →
  6. Virus & threat protection →
  7. Manage settings →
  8. Controlled folder access →
  9. Manage Controlled folder access →
  10. Allow an app through Controlled folder access →
  11. Add an allowed app →
  12. openttd.exe

I am not a fan of making exceptions like this but I didn't find anything else that worked. If you have an alternate method of solving the permissions error, please let me know.


Building Emscripten on Apple ARM M1 #

Update: [2021-01-24] The workarounds in this blog post are now obsolete, as openjdk, yuicompressor, and emscripten are now available in ARM homebrew.

On Mac, Emscripten is available in the Intel version of Homebrew, but not the ARM version of Homebrew. I use Emscripten rarely enough that this doesn't bother me. However, I thought I'd try compiling it on the ARM version.

I couldn't get openjdk working in ARM homebrew, but I was able to get emscripten installed in ARM homebrew by using the Intel/Rosetta version of openjdk:

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