Emacs Org mode 9 #

Org mode 9 was just released, and it changed the syntax for export blocks. I need to change:



#+begin_export html

The Org mode changes file includes some elisp to change this. However, I couldn't get it to work, and I also wanted to change all my files, not run this elisp on one file at a time. Here are the commands I ran:

ack -l --type-add=org:ext:org --org '#.begin_html' | xargs -n 1 perl -pi -e 's/#\+end_html/#+end_export/'
ack -l --type-add=org:ext:org --org '#.begin_html' | xargs -n 1 perl -pi -e 's/#\+begin_html/#+begin_export html/'

I only needed this for html, but you may need to extend this for other types you use. See what else you use with:

ack --type-add=org:ext:org --org '#.begin_(html|ascii|latex|odt|markdown|md|org|man|beamer|texinfo|groff|koma-letter)'

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Custom fortune cookies #

Idea: when at at Chinese restaurant, use facial recognition and/or tap into vast databases of personal information linked to your credit card to gather lots of information about the people at the table, then use deep neural networks to write a custom fortune for each person, then use focused microwaves to print these on blank pieces of heat-sensitive paper embedded inside fortune cookies. Then when you get your fortune cookie, it'll be personalized just for you. Maybe it could be a targeted ad!