Rooftop advertising #

With the popularity of Google Satellite Maps and pages listing interesting sites (such as Interesting Google Satellite Maps and Google Sightseeing), certain locations have gotten attention that wouldn't have otherwise: DAVE and LUECKE.

If the refresh time for the satellite maps was shorter, this would be an opportunity for some advertising. In any case, owners of large buildings should be thinking about putting giant letters on their roofs saying what those buildings are and what their URL is.


My monitor is dead #

I have a five year old Sony CPD-G400. Tonight when I turned it on, it made weird squeaking noises, then turned itself off. I tried unplugging it from the computer, pressing the diagnostic key, pressing the reset key, plugging it into a different outlet, and had no luck. It’s out of warranty and Sony will charge me $325 to repair it. At that price, I might as well buy a new monitor. Maybe that’s what they want me to do.

Since I bought a computer like Nelson’s, maybe I should buy a monitor like Nelson’s. If the monitor had failed yesterday, I would’ve gotten the sale price from Dell and saved $100. Alas.

Update: After thinking about how long my monitor lasts and how important it is (since I'm looking at it for an average of an hour a day), I decided to get the Dell 2405FPW. This is a 24 inch widescreen monitor with high resolution (1920x1200), good contrast ratio (1000:1), good brightness (500 nits), lower power consumption (59 W), low refresh times (12 ms gray to gray, 16 ms black to white), a USB hub, and a flash card reader. It should arrive in two weeks. Until then, I'm using an old CRT that a friend gave me. It made me realize how nice my previous monitor was and it made me want the new monitor even more.