I have a five year old Sony CPD-G400. Tonight when I turned it on, it made weird squeaking noises, then turned itself off. I tried unplugging it from the computer, pressing the diagnostic key, pressing the reset key, plugging it into a different outlet, and had no luck. It’s out of warranty and Sony will charge me $325 to repair it. At that price, I might as well buy a new monitor. Maybe that’s what they want me to do.

Since I bought a computer like Nelson’s, maybe I should buy a monitor like Nelson’s. If the monitor had failed yesterday, I would’ve gotten the sale price from Dell and saved $100. Alas.

Update: After thinking about how long my monitor lasts and how important it is (since I'm looking at it for an average of an hour a day), I decided to get the Dell 2405FPW. This is a 24 inch widescreen monitor with high resolution (1920x1200), good contrast ratio (1000:1), good brightness (500 nits), lower power consumption (59 W), low refresh times (12 ms gray to gray, 16 ms black to white), a USB hub, and a flash card reader. It should arrive in two weeks. Until then, I'm using an old CRT that a friend gave me. It made me realize how nice my previous monitor was and it made me want the new monitor even more.