Fun with magnets #

This magnetic sheet looks really cool! And it's only $3 ! Unfortunately they're out of stock.

The way we think #

An entity either has an explicit point of origin, a specific time and place of creation, or else it evolves and has no definable moment of entry into the world.


Playing games #

I've been playing Morrowind lately. It's a beautiful game.

Google buys Blogger... why? #

We finally learn what Google is doing with Blogger. Google Daily Menus.

How should I use XSLT? #

I was hoping that XSLT could help me generate my my web pages. Unfortunately XSLT doesn't seem to help with any of the things I wanted to do:

  1. "Last modified" timestamp based on the timestamp of the original .xml file.
  2. Automatically genenerated navigation bar that links to related documents (parent, children, etc.).
  3. A list of recently added links (based on either explicit timestamps or by using version control).

It seems that for any of these features, I need to write my own XML processing code. So I'm holding off on learning XSLT. It only does simple things. Maybe I'll revisit it later after I implement the more important features for my site.

Strange matter #

Bose-Einstein Condensate is some pretty weird stuff.


Early computer networking #

In October 1969 Charley Kline was asked to arrange the first computer-to-computer message through an ordinary telephone line. Working as a programmer in the UCLA lab of Leonard Kleinrock, he was part of a project attempting to connect to the only other existing Internet node located at Stanford University. After establishing the connection, Kline started by typing "login." He typed l and got the echo from Stanford conforming that the letter had been received. He proceeded with o and again received the appropriate echo. Then he ventured to g. However, that was too much for the young system to absorb, and the computer crashed, killing the connection as well.

-- from Linked: The New Science of Networks.

Balanced diet #

Tacos are the perfect food. Protein (beef), vegetables, carbs (shell), dairy (cheese). It's all there.

Sunlight may be good for you #

I don't know what to think about sunlight anymore...


Do windows block ultraviolet? #

Hm, apparently automobile windshields protect against ultraviolet but side and rear windows do not.