Web proxies #

I've been thinking about my web proxy project again. Proxy v3 has lots of neat features; proxy v4 has an interesting architecture. Unfortunately when I was working on features, I had lots of ideas about improving the architecture. When I started proxy4, I decided to work on a flexible architecture, but that took so long that I never went back to implement features.

I'd like to implement features again. For proxy5, I want to spend much less time on the architecture. I'm considering using the Twisted framework. It includes a basic web proxy, but it supports only HTTP 1.0. I'll have to take a look and see how easily that can be extended to work with HTTP 1.1.

Washing your pets #

Instead of buying the shampoo and other items myself, I just went to Country Pet Wash in Mountain View, CA. It was quite nice. They provide the shampoo (several to choose from), tub, towels, aprons, restraints, blow dryer, and other items. Washing the cat was $12; washing a dog is $15, I believe. The cat tried to run away but soon realized it couldn't, and calmed down. The cat's now softer, cleaner, and smells better.