Beer mode and coffee mode #

Over the years I've mentioned to people that I work in two modes:

Beer Mode 🍺
I'm relaxed and make connections between many different ideas. I can come up with new creative ideas.
Coffee Mode ☕
I'm focused and make progress on my work. I am productive and can complete existing projects.

I assumed that the names "Beer Mode" and "Coffee Mode" are something I saw somewhere. But then when I went looking for it, I couldn't find any source. It seems to be called "open mode" and "closed mode" by others. So it's possible that these terms are something I came up with! I mentioned it on Twitter and David Perell wrote a page about it.

I had a similar experience when I said Dreams are malleable — I assumed I had seen this somewhere but I couldn't find a good source, so it's possible my brain came up with that phrase too. And also possibly this one. I say lots of off-the-cuff things (in beer mode) and don't remember most of them.

Non-consensual personalization on the other hand is a phrase I carefully thought about.