I recently got a digital camera and have been playing with it. I’ve been interested in geology for many years now. Seeing things like the pictures below inspired me to work on SimBlob.

A river valley. Note that it’s all desert except for areas near the river, which are turned into farmland. That's the miracle of California’s central valley.

This is Mount Shasta.

A reservoir. You can see the water level is down from its maximum—the green is above the maximum level and the sand is below the maximum level.

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KD wrote at Monday, September 27, 2004 at 3:33:00 PM PDT

Mr Patel,
This is the first day got link of ur site frm angelcode regarding game programming, while i was searching for enhancing my C skills(rather improving). you are a sort of inspration to me. I'll post more comments in near future when i will read some of your work. i appericiate that u have shared so much with the world around.