I was amused back in 1994 when I heard that Pizza Hut was taking orders on the Internet. I had been on the Internet for many years, but ordering something online (especially pizza!) seemed incredibly strange to me.

It's been eleven years since then. Look how much you can order online now! I'm impressed that Pizza Hut was one of the first companies experimenting with "e-commerce". And despite my friends thinking I'm uncool or have no taste, I really do like Pizza Hut's pizza.

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Anonymous wrote at Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 3:40:00 PM PDT

The problem was (that in the UK at least) all that happened is that it just faxed the local Pizza Hut the order....which I found out many times just falls on the floor and never gets read, so you end up making the phone call anyway...but this was a few years ago so might have gottern better by now :)