There are way too many sites that send me cookies. I don't really want to keep them. However, many sites don't work at all without cookies. I've decided to do three things:

  1. Allow sites to set cookies, because many sites require cookies.
  2. Don't allow third-party cookies, because that's mainly used for tracking people across sites.
  3. Erase most cookies when I close the browser; I allow only cookies from a small set of sites to remain between browser sessions.

I've been using this cookie policy for several years and am happy with it. My Firefox settings are:

First, I allow cookies for the originating site only, which turns off third-party cookies. I keep cookies until I close Firefox. I also set Exceptions and set each site whose cookies I want to keep to Allow.


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ark wrote at Monday, March 20, 2006 at 10:35:00 AM PST

I use the permit cookies firefox extension and find it works perfect for me.

it blocks cookies by default and if a site isn't working I can click on the icon in the status bar and enable them for ever or for a session.

It works great and is much easier to get to than the cookie preferences.