Yes, after many many years, and several failed predictions, Emacs 22 is finally released! Find Emacs 22.1 on GNU's site and see the list of changes in the NEWS file. The main features that I can think of: Mac OS X support, Unicode support, Cygwin support, the use of ~/.emacs.d/init.elc instead of ~/.emacs (for faster startup times), separate colors for active/inactive modelines, colors in terminal mode, highlighting of active minibuffers, grep highlighting, drag and drop, mouse support in xterms, tramp for remote file access, an included python mode, IRC, org-mode for keeping notes and appointments, a URL library, the super powerful calc mode, an RSS reader, better keyboard macros, better search and replace, word wrapping mode (only works with fixed width fonts), spreadsheet package, as-you-type compile checking (flymake), and Subversion support. I especially like the ido package, which enhances buffer switching and file opening.


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Amit wrote at Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 11:37:00 AM PDT

Download links: on Windows, I use EmacsW32; on Mac OS X, I use Carbon Emacs. Neither of these has been updated to the release version of Emacs 22, but they're using a prerelease that's pretty close.