ING Direct's terms and conditions are friendlier than I'd expect. Examples, emphasis mine:

  • If an item you deposit is returned to us unpaid or is otherwise charged back to us, we will charge it back to your account. Generally, you can't withdraw a deposit for 5 business days. However, when you first open your account, you won't be able to withdraw any money for the first 10 business days. As with all non-cash deposits, interest will begin to accrue no later than 2 business days after the banking day on which the funds were deposited. (Here's an example - if you make a deposit on a Sunday, we will process it on Monday, and interest will begin to accrue no later than Wednesday.)
  • Here Comes the REALLY Hardcore Legal Stuff
  • And Finally! Wow, that was a lot of reading. Congratulations for finishing this!
  • Pursuant to Federal law, you're only allowed to take money out of your OSA 6 times per monthly statement cycle ("Cycle"). If you repeatedly make more than 6 withdrawals during a Cycle, we may close your account. Under Federal law, we must reserve the right to require you to give us at least 7 days written notice before you take money out of your OSA. (This hardly ever happens but legally we have to say it!)

I wish more companies were like this!

(note: ING Direct is no longer around)