Some of the amusing things I saw written on the wall at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference:

  • First Post!!1!!1
  • When do I get my flying car?
  • What is the name of this decade? The “aughts”
  • Is aging a disease?
  • What if the hokey pokey is all it's about?
  • This sentence enjoys you reading this.
  • Not everyone here is liberal!
  • I want a flying pony!
  • What is the matrix?
  • Will the computers like us?
  • Do you care more about beer than the survival of humankind? How much money do you spend on beer? Enough to survive the transportation to the Vogon destroyer.
  • The end is near!
  • 99% of people have no idea about singularity or exponential growth.
  • In the 10 seconds it took you to laugh about cryonics you died.