Over the past few months I've gotten several emails from recruiters telling me they liked the resume I've posted to the web. I haven't had a resume on the web for about six years, so I've asked each of them where they saw my resume. If my resume from six years ago is still posted somewhere, I want to know, because I need to update it.

Each of the recruiters sent back an email without a location of the resume. One person said she didn't remember. This recruiter also used "pls" instead of "please". One person said they had no resume (even though the initial email said that's how they found me), and instead it was some white papers which I "c0-authored" (note the "0"). And one person said they found it through a Google search, even though there are thousands of Amit Patels and there isn't a resume found on Google that links to me. One mentioned my academic background in AI (I studied programming languages, not AI). One asked me if I was interested in a job as a marketing manager for a "stone factory in Japan".

Do the companies who have hired these recruiters realize how bad this looks? I'm not interested in your company if you can't even tell me how you found me, what skills of mine you're interested in, or if you are confusing me with someone else.


Sumit wrote at Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at 2:45:00 AM PST

Hi Amit,

Would like to add my experience. I’m from India and right now Indian recruiters are going recruiters on steroids.

Got an email saying

"We found your resume on Naukri-dot-com and one of our MNC client has an opening. We have found your resume matches the requirement.....blah..blah....

blah...blah (continues explaining the ISO certified company and Level 4 company. read on as)


2 years J2EE
1 year JSP, JBeans
1 year Oracle


Send us ur updated CV with (note: ‘ur’)
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Time to join:

My reply to the recruiter

"Hi, Thanks for your email
As you have already are aware that my profile matches your client requirenment, I would still like to mention that I have

ZERO years exp. in J2EE
ZERROO years exp. in JSP
ZERRROOO years exp. in Oracle

My current CTC is none of your concern
My expected CTC is $100 million dollars per annum, excluding bonus + your current CTC as I can do your job better than you and you should be fired


Anonymous wrote at Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 3:04:00 PM PDT


Being a recruiter myself, I know that we are bunch forever in a hurry and tend to forget doing the small things in the right manner.

Still your post made for an interesting read and I have posted it at my blog hoping you wouldnt mind that.