In Heroes episodes 15 and 16 (Run and Unexpected), Claire starts to believe her father and the Haitian are behind her mother's memory loss. I think Claire's going to leave Texas and head to New York.

What's keeping her in Texas?

  1. Her father. However, she's starting to hate her father for what he's done to her mother. She wants to get away from him. (I wonder what he'll do to the Haitian now that he knows Claire's memory wasn't wiped.)
  2. Her mother. Claire is really worried about her mother.
  3. Her brother Lyle. His memory was wiped, and he's not making much of an appearance in the show anymore.
  4. Her friend Zach. His memory was wiped as well, and he's also not making much of an appearance in the show.
  5. Her biological mother, Meredith. She's gotten some money from Nathan, and she's heading to Mexico, so she won't be in Texas for much longer.

Only her mother is keeping Claire in Texas. I think her mother will die very soon, and Claire will no longer have any need to stay in Texas. She'll head to New York to find Peter, and eventually meet her father Nathan.



Amit wrote at Sunday, March 11, 2007 at 12:50:00 PM PDT

Well, I guess I was wrong about her mother dying! But she did end up in New York.

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