I have a theory about Peter. I think he's going to explode, just as his visions and Isaac's paintings show. I have a theory about Hiro. I think he's going to travel through time, trying to fix everything, after Peter destroys the city.

Let's look at what happens to people with powers:

  • Shanti dies as a child, of unknown causes, but likely related to her power.
  • Claire's life is turned upside down.
  • Simone is shot.
  • Isaac loses Simone, twice.
  • Hiro brings the family shame (a big deal in Japanese culture).
  • Matt loses his job, then steals diamonds.
  • Nathan is shady, but it's not clear (yet) how his powers influenced him.
  • Peter is becoming increasingly dangerous, and is going to blow up.
  • The Haitian causes brain damage.
  • Hana loses her job and now distrusts everyone.
  • Micah steals from an ATM.
  • Niki turns into evil Jessica.
  • DL is on the run from the law.
  • Meredith loses her daughter and went into hiding (not sure why).
  • Claude is shot and went into hiding.
  • Ted loses his wife and then blows himself up.
  • Eden's life is pretty messed up before Bennet, and she's recovering, but she ends up shooting herself.
  • Gabriel (Sylar) goes on a killing spree after finding he has powers.
  • Charlie is killed by Sylar (for eidetic memory).
  • Brian Davis is killed by Sylar (for telekinesis).
  • Zane Taylor is killed by Sylar (for liquefaction).
  • Dale Smither is killed by Sylar (for super hearing).

What's the theme here? Having powers leads you and people around you to get hurt. For many of them, power corrupts. Take a look at Micah, DL, Niki, Hana, Meredith, Claude, Ted, Eden, Gabriel, and maybe Claire, and you'll see good people who are led astray by their powers. The other characters aren't necessarily corrupt but just having those powers has led to trouble.

Basically, these powers hurt everyone.

The most dramatic will be when all the heroes end up in New York City, and Peter blows them and the city up in the season finale. Everyone will die.

The only solution to all of this is to stop people from having their powers, or at least teach them how to use powers responsibly. It's already too late to do this in the current timeline. The solution lies in the past. Hiro is the only one who can go back in time to fix everything. So he will, at the end of this season. That's my theory.



Anonymous wrote at Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 5:53:00 AM PST

wow, you contradict yourself so badly!! You miss no opportunity to misuse your power in the virtual world to hurt people, and here you talk saint like about the same thing.

What a fraudster you are Amit Patel...


Amit wrote at Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 11:28:00 AM PDT

Note that Hiro's blog now mentions the butterfly effect. I think this is a big clue.

Anonymous wrote at Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 5:17:00 AM PDT

This site should be named "A Retarded view of Heroes"