Spoilers! Spoilers!

If you've seen 0.07% and Five Years Gone, you'll know that everything has gone crazy. People with powers are being hunted in the future.

But we already expected that.

Linderman, in 0.07%, says that he wants to help the world unite. When I saw that episode, I wondered, “unite against what?” Either Linderman is stupid, and thinks the world will be great, or he's smart, and thinks the world will unite against people with powers. In Five Years Gone we see that indeed, the world united against people with powers. I suspect Linderman knew this would happen.

We also hear from Linderman that he used to know other people with powers, but they turned to the dark side. He may not think highly of other people with powers.

We also learn that Linderman is behind Primatech Paper, which is trying to track down and sometimes kill people with powers, even though Linderman has powers.

In Five Years Gone we hear that the Linderman Act is what led to persecution of people with powers. If it was named after Linderman or funded by Linderman, it would be consistent with Linderman not liking other people having powers.

So I think some experience in Linderman's life led him to think other people with powers are dangerous, and that he needs to save the world by eliminating everyone else with powers.

Sylar too is quite interested in eliminating everyone else with powers. From the very beginning he's been killing them. With his first victim, he talked about “fixing” Davis by killing him. When Sylar became President, he talked about making tough decisions to save the world. He also talked about eliminating all competition.

So it seems that both Linderman and Sylar have the same objective: remove everyone else with powers. They both talk about “helping”. Sylar's job was fixing things; Linderman's job was healing people. Sylar and Linderman seem similar in many respects.

I'm also quite impressed by Heroes in that I can't predict what's going to happen, so I'm likely wrong about Linderman too.