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People sometimes get tooth implants to replace missing or decayed teeth. Currently they're milled or 3d printed. But I think we could do much more. Why not put bluetooth into your tooth? We'd get:

  • Speaker so that you could listen to tunes streamed from your phone.
  • Microphone attached to the bone so that you could make phone calls without nearby people overhearing what you say.
  • Sensors to measure and report the status of your mouth. Real time graphs of saliva, food, and dental bacteria can be sent to your phone, like a Fitbit for your mouth.

It'll finally turn the "tooth fillings pick up radio signals" myth into reality. Would you get one? I would!


Many or perhaps all of the smells produced by your body are produced by the bacterial ecosystems living on and in you. Some of these smells are things we can detect; others we're unaware of. Certain strains of skin bacteria attract mosquitos. By altering the ecosystem on our skin, we can repel mosquitos. Cool!

With genetic engineering, we can do even more. We can replace the bacteria that turn sweat into unpleasant smells with bacteria that turn sweat into floral scents! No more deodorant!

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Today's tattoos are boring. Future tech will bring:

  1. Bioluminescent tattoos: using bioluminescent chemicals, your tattoos will glow or pulse, either all the time, or synchronized with a clock, or triggered by movement or light or sound. Imagine going to a dance club with this.
  2. E-ink tattoos: with e-ink particles embedded in your skin, you'll be able to change the pattern by applying an external array of electric fields. You'll place the “printer” on your arm, apply a new pattern, and then it'll hold that pattern until you want to change it.
  3. Biosensor tattoos: with e-ink particles attached to a layer of biosensor molecules, you'll be able to find out what's going on in your blood. You'll set up blocks that are sensitive to 50, 100, 150, 200 mg/dL of glucose, and then by seeing how many bars are “lit up”, you'll have a rough estimate of your blood sugar. You could do this for everything in your bloodstream.

Cool? or creepy?

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I know there are lots of advanced technologies being developed for treating disease, but the same technologies could be used for non-disease applications. I wrote a little about this a few years ago. So I want to propose something that I think a lot of people would like:

Extra bladders

There are people working on 3d printed organs. Wouldn't it be cool to get a 3d printed bladder? Would you like to super-size that?

Even better, wouldn't it be cool if your supplemental bladder automatically ran tests on your urine, like these Japanese toilets do? The toilets developed in 2004 can measure glucose levels but I'm sure there are other tests that will be practical too. Plus, if it's done in your 3d printed bladder, it can be transmitted to your smartphone in real time over low energy bluetooth, like a Fitbit.

I'd want one. Wouldn't you?

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We're starting to learn how important gut bacteria are. Antibiotics can mess up the ecosystem in your gut. We have probiotics to try to restore the natural ecosystem.

(photo from worldworldworld on flickr)

This is assuming that natural is good. But the natural gut bacteria are evolved to match our natural diet. Most of us don't eat a natural diet.

I want unnatural gut bacteria.

We know cells can do amazing things. The cells in our body can turn fat and sugar into energy. Bacterial cells can do a far great variety of things, such as turning algae into oil, collecting gold atoms into gold veins, generate light, and process heavy metals. So let's design our own gut bacteria! I want to implant gut bacteria that turn chocolate cake into vitamins. I want gut bacteria to turn potato chips into omega 3.

Most people are drawn towards unhealthy food. We keep telling them to stop eating it, and eat healthy food instead. What if we could instead turn all unhealthy food into healthy food? (Also see my previous post on this subject.) I think that's a world-changing technology waiting to happen.

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